Fostered and Fosters

This is where we help people to connect with each other according to their needs.

Becoming a volunteer foster is also a way to help the rescue community grow. In addition, if you are not ready for a cat parent’s commitments, fostering is also a way to have firsthand experience.

If you have free time, free space, you love cats and you want to make a some pocket money, many people are willing to pay to have their cats taken care of while they are away instead of being alone at home or being locked in kennels at boarding centers.

And if you are about to go for a vacation or a business trip and you need to find someone who can take care of your cat, you can also find here.

Pho Support helps connect fosters and cats. When receiving the requests for foster, we will match the cats with the fosters according to the cats’ needs and fosters’ experience. We, Pho Support, however, are NOT LIABLE for the fostering process which happens after the matching. We only help people connect. The rest of the process is done between both parties.

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