Feline Panleukopenea Virus (FPV)

FPV is one of the deadliest viruses in cats. The most effective way to prevent FPV is to have cats vaccinated. Let’s learn about what it is and how you can detect it.

Why don’t cats drink water near food?

We all know that all living creatures need water because staying hydrated is important. However, more often than not, cat-pawrents complain that their babies don’t drink enough water and they are worried. One of the most common reasons is that we tend to keep water bowls too close to their food. But why don’t catsContinue reading “Why don’t cats drink water near food?”

Cat-allergy? What to do?

Written by Mama of Princess, Cookie and Monkey, who suffers from chronic asthma but never ever given up on her babies. Follow them here. Living with cat-llergies I see a number of posts about giving up pets because of allergies. I wanted to share that it is really manageable if you are willing to makeContinue reading “Cat-allergy? What to do?”

[Adopted] Prakash Grey a.k.a PG

Prakash Grey (PG) – Boy – 5 months – de-wormed – potty trained I was abandoned in a wooden box with 4 other siblings. All of us got eye infection. One of us sadly didn’t make it 4 days after being rescued. Another’s eyes were already damaged so badly that there is no other optionContinue reading “[Adopted] Prakash Grey a.k.a PG”