Cat-allergy? What to do?

Written by Mama of Princess, Cookie and Monkey, who suffers from chronic asthma but never ever given up on her babies. Follow them here.

Living with cat-llergies

I see a number of posts about giving up pets because of allergies. I wanted to share that it is really manageable if you are willing to make minor lifestyle changes for them.

My daily routine now includes:

  1. Pumping my inhaler as a preventative measure every day and night (I would have to do this anyway because of asthma)
  2. Take antihistamine everyday
  3. Nose flush when needed
  4. Washing face and hands after play time and stroking sessions
  5. Shower after an intense cuddle session
  6. Brush kitty’s fur (with a mask on)

It’s not difficult. It’s things I would do anyway, just a lot more hand and face washing, which is what we do in these covid times anyway.

Of course, this isn’t a foolproof solution. I have days where my allergies take over, but only if my baby girl wants a super long cuddle session, and she doesn’t cuddle often so I indulge in it. But it is very manageable. I’ve gone weeks without any allergic reactions.

Some people recommend having a cat free bedroom. I tried it too for a little while and it does help. But I love cuddling with my girl so that’s out of the question for me. Instead, I go out for a walk if I feel like I need to be away from allergens for awhile. I also have air purifiers in almost every room. I had them even before my cats since the air quality isn’t great here.

I recently got my second cat and boy, did those allergies flare up. But again, it is about experimenting with antihistamines and doses (with a doctor of course), washing hands and face, and showering more. The plus side, I’m always clean and smelling good from the number of showers I take a day now.

BTW, the article was written when Mama got Cookie from the street after adopting Princess from a shelter. Now, there are 3 already haha. Monkey is a blind cat and she was adopted from a vet clinic.

If you are considering adopting a cat but worrying about your allergies, consult with your doctor first. Most of the time, it is manageable but sometimes, we just have to look at them from afar.

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